Digitization Process

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Digitization Process

In the beginning of 1997 the German Research Foundation (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft) launched a new funding program for the retrospective digitization of library materials as part of an initiative to build a German digital research library. Funded by the DFG, the Center for Retrospective Digitization in Göttingen (Göttinger DigitalisierungsZentrum - GDZ) was established in spring 1997 to support the program and coordinate national efforts towards standardization in various fields (e.g. digital conversion, online access, bibliographic description).

The Center in Göttingen is engaged in the evaluation of tools and techniques for image capture and text conversion, bibliographic description, document management and the provision of remote access. The use of a DMS is a key component in a digital library and is considered as an essential for digitization projects in Germany. 

A RDF/XML based format developed by the GDZ for compilation and storage of structural data and metadata is implemented in the daily production workflow. Furthermore a complex production workflow with image enhancement and quality control for retrospective digitization of monographs and journals has been established which is used by many digitization projects at the GDZ, amongst which is the RusDML project.

To give you an impression of the image enhancement, the original side of a journal and then the optimized image are shown here.


Optimised version

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